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Space Age

“Terraformed Mars
Year 3030

Nights are allways dark in Mars...

At first, it didn't matter. Everybody knew what to expect. Life on a red planet. The soil, the light, the weather. All calculated beforehand by scientists even before the terraforming started. And it all looked bright and shiny.

Then came the humanity.

First colonists lived a happy generation. Work, friendship, prosperity. But did they really have a choice? The next generation continued where they had left, happily forgetting the past and only seeing the prosperious future.

The third generation only saw the money.

There were outside influences also. The criminals, The insurgents, The raiders. Immigrating to the planet as the economy grew. Some of them even established strongholds on the vast wastelands of the planet. As time went by Mars slowly transformed into a dark red shadow of Earth.

All that glitters atracts the ravens.

The news of battles are daily headlines these days. Be it small thug wars in shadier areas of the megacities or full scale military operations against insurgents, somebody somewhere is allways getting killed for money. Something the scientists never predicted.

Only the dark skies have remained...”

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Battlecruiser Millennium

Battlecruiser Millennium (PC)

Genre/Style: Simulation/Space Combat Simulation
Release Date: 20/NOV/01
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